Spinning a premium carpet fiber brand back into the gold standard of commercial flooring.

Antron®, a global manufacturer of commercial carpet fiber, sought aggressive growth goals despite the rapid commoditization of fibers among carpet manufacturers, and a decline in awareness among a changing buyer base.

Antron® engaged Avenue to architect a new path back to growth, and guide the brand back to its former leadership position. The strategy and activation was widespread: virtually every aspect of the brand and go-to-market approach was overhauled—from the product architecture, to the customer and channel partner engagement model, to the sales experience, tools and conversations.

The repositioning and reintroduction of Antron® has received overwhelming acclaim in the industry. We continue to help Antron® accelerate relevance and preference for their products and ultimately reclaim their title.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! You have successfully delivered the most compelling shift this brand has ever experienced! The team LOVES you guys and so do I! The impact it has made is astounding to say the least!”